Prosci® Change Management Training (English)

Prosci® Change Management Training (English)

Prosci® Change Management Practitioner Certification 


Prosci’s research has documented best practices, fail and success factors of effective change management. The Prosci methodology provides a structured process and easy-to-use tools to prepare yourself for effective management of the people side of change. All our programs create a memorable experience that fundamentally changes the way you approach and think about change management.


The Prosci 3-day Certification Program Is:


  • Highly interactive and engaging;
  • Connected with the participant’s jobs;
  • Fast paced;
  • Action-learning, designed to let you work on your own project;
  • Supported by real-life examples.


We embrace learning by doing. During any program participants work on their own change project. Our program contributes to developing a consistent application of tools and use of the methodology on an organizational level as well. Thereby we build the organization’s capability and competency to change effectively.


The Participants Will:


  • Apply Prosci’s® change management tools, research and methodology to an actual project from their organization;
  • Utilise best practices research from more than 2,000 organizations worldwide;
  • Create, customise and scale a change management strategy and plan for its execution;
  • Learn to use the ADKAR™ Model to help managers and supervisors effectively manage the people side of change;
  • “Hit the ground running” with a change management plan upon returning to work.


Designed for classes of 6-12 people it allows participants to continue working on their current projects while learning to apply Prosci’s® change management tools, research and methodology, utilising their research-based Change Management Methodology, ADKAR™ Model, Change Management Toolkit and Change Management Pilot.


At the end of the program, participants are certified as Prosci Change Managers and are able to lead any incremental or radical change initiative.


Who Should Attend?


The process and tools are crafted for immediate application by practitioners, even those with little experience in change management. Prosci®’s Change Management Certification Program is designed for anyone responsible for managing change, including:


  • Project & program managers;
  • Lean coaches and facilitators;
  • Project team members;
  • HR leaders;
  • Change management team members;
  • Consultants and trainers.


This program is highly effective because participants continue to work on their current projects. What is more, they leave with a significant portion of their ultimate change management plan in place.




The training will take place on 19, 20 and 21 April in Rotterdam in association with Maestro Academy. Sign up here!